Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emergency Notice #1 Hurricane Sandy

Check here for future updates of the status of storm and evacuation notices. The Town and Village are on stand-by. The Red Cross will be establishing an evacuation center in the new SUNY Wellness Center/Gym located on the campus close to Route 208. The Town and Village are advising residents to prepare for power outages. This includes 10-day supply of medicine, food and water (1 gal/per day/per person). This storm is expected to be followed by excessively cold weather, so warm clothing will be needed if the power goes out. Have flashlights, batteries and charged cell phones on hand. Evacuation is not mandatory at this time, but we will be keeping track of the storm's progress. Low lying areas should continuously monitor the status of the storm and consider evacuation as deemed appropriate.
Full notice hereThis notice was hand delivered door-to-door to residents living west of the Wallkill on Saturday, October 27th. 

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