Monday, October 29, 2012

About the EOC

As per the Town and Village of New Paltz's Emergency Preparedness Plan, in times of community wide emergencies the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated.  

Membership includes:
Town of New Paltz, Supervisor Susan Zimet
Village of New Paltz, Mayor Jason West
Town of New Paltz Highway Department, Supervisor Chris Marx
Village Department of Public Works, Superintendent Bleu Terwillger
New Paltz Fire Department, Chief Kevin Maguire, Tony Yenzer, and Bri Kane
New Paltz Police Department, Chief Joe Synder and Detective Rob Lucchesi
New Paltz Rescue Squad, Gina Bassinette
SUNY New Paltz, Police Chief Dave Dugatkin, Director of Environmental Health & Safety Mike Malloy, Director James Halpern of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health
New Paltz Central School District, Superintendent Maria Rice and Transportation Director Maureen Ryan
New York State Police

Local Emergency Preparedness Committee Reps
Jeff Salt and Gail Gallerie

Public Information Officers
Craig Shankles and KT Tobin

From the Emergency Preparedness Plan:

It is recognized that the Emergency Services operating within the Town & Village of New Paltz operate efficiently and in concert with each other on a daily basis. Often the command post of a major incident is at the scene of an emergency and adequately addresses the needs of the community. This plan is not intended to affect the manner or method by which our Emergency Services handle day-to-day operations. This plan is developed to be used in times of community wide emergencies, such as blizzard, drought, earthquake, flood, forest fire, hurricane, tornado, explosions, hazardous materials incident, prolonged community power failure, etc. where the scope of the emergency taxes the capabilities of local emergency services and where the community remains at risk. When deemed necessary the Supervisor and/or Mayor will initiate the activation process of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC will function only at the direction of the Supervisor and/or Mayor and once staffed will remained staffed until so relieved or no longer needed.

Functions of the EOC:
The function of the EOC will be to provide for the coordination, communication and resource support to effectively handle the disaster. The specific functions shall include, but are not limited to:

Assessing the emergency situation and making decisions on what actions should be taken
o Includes countermeasures to minimize the effects of the hazard: sandbags, generators, snow removal, tree removal, shelter activation etc.

Public warning and emergency information
o Designation of a Public Information Officer (PIO) and the dissemination of information.

Public protection activities to assist people
o Includes activating shelter(s)
o Evacuations
o Transportation
o Crowd Control
o Maintain Order

Continual updates from the members of the E.O.C. on the status of all departments involved.
o Hourly reports from field personnel to E.O.C. representatives.
o Hourly briefing reports by E.O.C. representatives.

Emergency care for victims

Restoring Vital Services
o Power
o Water
o Transportation
o Telephone

Damage Assessment Recovery
o Short term
o Long term

The EOC will be responsible for the coordinated flow of communication among all departments involved. The EOC will forward all warnings, directives, and information, etc. to their appropriate agencies for action and dissemination.

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